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Not surprisingly, I am in many places!! But I don't update any of them regularly. I try, though? D:
(I try not to spam to much and I work a lot and well, yus. *sigh*)

Feel free to add me on any of them! I'm mostly friendly and don't bite much. ^__^


Etsy: Buy handmade artsy stuff! My shop is at Bleaknimue on Etsy where you can find most of the dolls and whatnot that I have for sale at the moment. (I also take commissions and would love to collaborate on things. ^_^ Email me at Jane@blackbirdmarmalade.com if you've got a project to discuss. ^_^)


Last fm has most of what I've been listening to while working for the past 5 years or so. :P I'm bleaknimue there for the tune of the moment. :P


Facebooook: It is evil, and yet so easy. Also, it's nice to keep in touch with a large amount of people without going too insane.

My personal page is C Jane Washburn on Facebook

If you want to follow updates on my dolls and projects I have a Fan Page at Blackbird Marmalade Creations


Twitter: I'm Bleaknimue of course.


Flickr is where I keep all of my photos. My Photostream is here



on Dreamwidth I am Jane

on Livejournal I am Bleaknimue

on Insanejournal I am Bleaknimue

Lj and Ij are both mirrors of my Dreamwidth account.


On Ravelry I'm bleaknimue, but I only really like looking at the pretty pictures. ^__^ One day I'll knit more, but right now I'm too busy.


Deviant Art: I've got most of my work up on there. I need to add the new stuff, though. I'm Bleaknimue there.

Elfwood: Mostly older stuff. I'm Bleaknimue there, too.


Bpal.org: I heart the bpal. I'm janeness on the forums. ^_^


That's enough procrastination for the time being. :P Back to the Goblings! (Tiny goblins! EeeeEEE!! ^__^)

ETA: THis journal is friends only except for finished art posts. :) Please comment if you want to be added. <3

I don't bite, I'm just tired. :)

Date: 2010-06-23 02:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pallid-regina.livejournal.com
I have dutifully interweb stalked you in on FB. I think I already have you on Etsy. I'm on my way to Ravelry now.

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