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I found YouTube video on What Montezuma's Aztec Sounded Like - and how we know interesting, informative, and well-done.

Podfic Fest: Out of the Auditary

Feb. 21st, 2019 07:39 pm
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out of the auditary promo banner

Out of the Auditary is a new, hopefully recurring fest for podficcing works that don't fit into the "standard" fiction format, such as meta, not!fic, epistolary and chatfic, video game codes entries, fake scientific articles, poetry, and many more! Rules and details are here on AO3; submission deadline is March 23rd!

If you want to promo the fest, just copy & paste this code:

The Umbrella Academy

Feb. 20th, 2019 09:09 pm
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The Umbrella Academy - Netflix. 10 episodes

I loved this, but I also have some complaints and reservations. So, spoilers, pros and cons, below the cut.

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Ergi Warrior

Feb. 20th, 2019 02:39 am
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Posted by Letter to the Editor

An ergi warrior. Contradiction of terms? Not possible? I say it is.

I’ve always known I was ergi. Gay. From my earliest memories of being the oddball in a rough and tumble familial and social setting I knew something was up. I was born and raised in a rural farm community of 650 people in 1965. I was never in the closet. Was out and gay from day one. It just never occurred to me to hide who I was. No one else around me did. Why should I?
I was always feminine.

My favorite fictional characters were always female. In my youth from Little Orphan Annie to Dorothy and Glinda (she did have the best costume after all!) in “The Wizard of Oz” I closely modeled myself after the heroine. Even though my favorite TV show was “Starsky and Hutch” it wasn’t because I wanted to be them. I just thought Starsky was dreamy. So all the signs were there early on.

But I was also always a warrior. Fighting back against those who picked on me. Which happened often. Slammed into lockers. Books hit out of my hands. Fighting back with my father. He figured he could bully the sissy out of me. Of course not so. I figured out that the only way to survive and flourish in this atmosphere was to stand up for myself.

When I was 13 I was expelled from the Lutheran church in my hometown. They said I was gay and had no right being there. This was a crushing blow for me. I was very active in the church. I taught Sunday School. I sang solos at special services. I played the organ. The church was a well integrated part of my life. But if God was going to turn His back on me I would fight back. I turned to alternative religions to fill the spiritual void.

I spent years searching for a spiritual home. I devoured self help books and New Age philosophies. I was Wiccan for a while. None of it seemed to work for me. It was years of being adrift. I had no inkling where to turn.

I had decided to find out what my ancestors did spiritually before the tide of Christianity took over them. As my ancestors as far back as we could trace them (the 1500s) were German I knew that there was going to be my answer. And that meant the old olds of the North. This lead me to a fascination with the gods of that time and place. I read everything I could about Odin and Thor and the like. I was entranced. No one could have told me back when I was 13 that I would find such a rich and diverse history of beliefs. I felt at home.

Ultimately my adulthood searching lead me to my exposure to Asatru. Here was a religion celebrating all the gods I had come to know. It had ritual and clergy. Soon enough I had joined an international Asatru group and called myself an Asatruar.
I was drawn to the Esoteric side of Asatru. I began my Runic studies in my mid20s. But soon I felt unbalanced. There was so much talk of the warrior side of life in Asatru. The Esoteric offered a way for me to combat all this overly overt testosterone. I learned about Odin and his studying seidr with Freyja. Not a very manly practice. Most seidr workers were women after all. And then of course reading in the Edda about Loki using the term ergi to hurl as an insult at Odin. I looked ergi up. Feminine male. Me. But Odin was nonplussed by the insult. After all he was a warrior god. If he also had an ergi side of his complex personality so be it. Odin knew that to continue his never ending search for wisdom it would be necessary to explore that part of his psyche. He was an ergi warrior. I figured so was I.

“Those in Glass Houses.” Happle Tea, by Scott Maynard.

There are times today more than 25 years later I’ll be in some discussion in a Facebook group where someone will throw the term ergi at me. And I’m fine with it. I know I’m a warrior as well.

My husband of 30 years and I have been ergi warriors together. Back in 1993 we marched on Washington DC for the rights of same sex marriages. In 2000 we adopted our daughter in suburban Chicago. Many was the time of a parent teacher conference I had to don my warrior garb. It’s been a life of struggle and fights. But I’ve held my own over the years.

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with MS. This began a new round of battles. The daily fight against my body decaying. Losing and then gaining back functionality. The onslaught of medication and physical therapy. I have fought and won many battles both large and small. It’s a battle I may ultimately succumb to. But fight I will.

I have been a Vitki for 25 years. Over a year ago I achieved my goal of being ordained as a Gothi. My life is spiritually full. Nothing in my life is untouched by the gods. Ergi or not I have been chosen for this path.

What does this mean for me today? How do I live a life as an ergi warrior? I explore both sides of myself. The masculine runes and the feminine seidr. The fighter and the healer. I know that may be a gross oversimplification but it’s how I view it. It takes work on both sides to keep me balanced. I admit I struggle sometimes with this balance. But I at least keep struggling.

So these days I’m a warrior in my daily battle with MS. And naturally my ergi flag is always flying. I’m not afraid to be ergi. Or a warrior. I am happily both. So let Loki hurl insults. It’s simply who I am. I follow the example of Odin. I’m an ergi warrior!

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Feb. 18th, 2019 08:28 pm
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Because we were over the tag limit for paid accounts (and the paid time expired anyway), I started merging some mostly older single-use tags into more general categories. We already had

fandom:miscellaneous literature
fandom:miscellaneous rpf

And now I've added:

fandom:jane austen novels - 11 uses
fandom:mary renault novels - 2 uses
fandom:miyazaki films - 11 uses
fandom:miscellaneous tv - 25 uses
fandom:miscellaneous video games - 4 uses
fandom:robert heinlein works - 2 uses
fandom:sarah waters novels - 2 uses
fandom:seanan mcguire/mira grant novels - 2 uses

We could also do with fandom:miscellaneous films and maybe a few other categories? Not all eligible tags have been merged into these categories as I wasn't sure what to do about anime tv, other animated cartoons, and fandoms with adaptations/multiple media.

We're currently at 1520 tags and still can't add brand new specific fandom tags, but can merge tags into broader fandom tags where appropriate. Any requests?

ETA: I just realized we can repurpose existing tags for newer/more popular fandoms, so we've got a buzzfeed tag and a miscellaneous anime tag now.

Pink and Blue Chunky Loom Knit Shawl

Feb. 17th, 2019 09:44 pm
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It's been forever since I knitted something! It took me about two weeks to knit this ~26x60" shawl with super bulky Copenhagen yarn from Michael's on a long Knifty Knitter. It's their store brand yarn and it was on sale for $4.77. I don't need more yarn - but how could I go wrong at that price? A lot of the colours in this line are not to my taste - there was an aqua, maroon and grey combo along with grey and lime green. Somehow someone came up with this pink and blue combo and it was easy to see the project take shape.

However, every ball was different. The first ball produced only solid colours. The second and third balls had a good balance of variegated blends. I wanted to finish the shawl off in solid colours and I could not find another ball like it :\ I ended up buying a whole bag and cannibalizing the balls for the solid parts :-D

Pic behind cut )

Nubia! Abu Simbel! Egypt!

Feb. 17th, 2019 09:43 am
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More pics than you can shake a stick at from Upper and Lower Egypt as far as Cairo, including temples from drownd Nubia:

[FMA] Panic Cord

Feb. 17th, 2019 12:14 pm
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Length: 00:29:10
Pairings: Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Tags: post-canon, break up, getting back together, angst, romance
Notes: Thanks to Enterprisingly for giving permission to podfic this story.
This isn't my best cover but I had very specific ideas and they didn't pan out the way I wanted, so this is the closest approximation to what it should've been XD.

Summary: There is nothing wrong with their relationship – or Roy himself – and perhaps that is the problem. For Ed is so very used to being in mortal peril, constantly playing a game of catch-as-catch-can with death. The sudden stillness of civilian life and a happy relationship does not settle easily on his shoulders.

In which Ed runs away from domesticity and the pressure of being someone's love.

Podfic of Enterprisingly's story.

Link: On AO3 | tumblr

Column: Oathbound

Feb. 16th, 2019 10:00 pm
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Posted by Luke Babb

Column: Oathbound

Luke Babb describes their first experience with an oathbound magical tradition and ruminates on the magical purpose of secrets.

Continue reading Column: Oathbound at The Wild Hunt.

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Fandom: Twilight x True Blood
Title: Traveler
Author: [personal profile] paynesgrey 
Chapters: 8/8 [complete]
Word Count: 9,995
Characters/Pairings: Leah x Sam, Leah Clearwater, Sam Merlotte, Seth Clearwater, Sookie Stackhouse, Arlene Fowler, Jessica Hamby
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Drama/Romance
Warnings: Sexual situations
Notes: Finished for [community profile] wipbigbang  2019 for International Fanworks Day. 

Links: AO3 | FFnet (R edited version) | Dreamwidth

 Two lonely shifters meet each other.
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I'm just so excited to have read a book this week. Because of my headaches and facial pain, etc, I've had a hard time reading, and it makes me sad becuase I love reading. it's not that I love "having read", I love reading itself, the quiet of it, the way time stretches pleasantly and I can immerse myself into a narrative. Sometimes when I finish a book I'm just so happy with the experience that I'm like, "5 stars! Excellent book!" Then later I think more critically and temper my opinion.

Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy

Some of this is copied from my Goodreads:

Intense, absorbing, and beautifully written. This memoir details the author's experience with childhood cancer in her jaw. Unsurprisingly if you know me at all, I especially enjoyed the horse parts: as a teenager, Grealy works at a couple of stables and finds solace in the horses. I appreciated the meditations about how one's face can be a stand-in for one's self.

Contains: harrowing descriptions of medical procedures including surgeries, radiation and chemo, dental procedures, plastic surgery, hospital stays;
Human and animal death;
Descriptions of bullying.

Several times the author uses "blind" as a pejorative.

The flaw of this book, if there is one, is that the beginning parts are intensely detailed, making you feel as if you are there with Grealy, but then the last third of the book is not very detailed at all. Suddenly she's in college, then grad school, then living in Europe. This is the part where she's getting a lot of reconstructive surgery, none of which she's very happy with. I'm not sure how I feel about this part, or about the book as a whole. Sadly Grealy did not live very long, so couldn't reflect more upon this stage of her life. She died of an overdose.

She seemed to have a very interesting and complex inner life, with a fierce intelligence.

This book does not get into disability politics or culture at all, except perhaps in a few scenes where she finds community with fellow patients in hospitals.

FIC: Live to Tell (SGA/HLTR)

Feb. 15th, 2019 07:31 pm
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Live to Tell (48087 words) by Raine_Wynd
Chapters: 11/11
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, Highlander: The Raven
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Ronon Dex & Teyla Emmagan & Rodney McKay & John Sheppard, Ronon Dex/Other(s), Nick Wolfe/Other(s), Ronon Dex/Nick Wolfe, Minor or Background Relationship(s), Past Amanda Darieux/Nick Wolfe
Characters: Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Nick Wolfe, Samantha "Sam" Carter, Original Characters, Background & Cameo Characters, Jennifer Keller, Evan Lorne, Amanda Darieux, Radek Zelenka
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Immortals, Foul Language, Angst with a Happy Ending, Past Relationship(s), Canon-Typical Violence, Explicit Sex, Falling In Love, Secrets, Temporary Character Death, Workplace Accidents, Drama, Romance, Non-Canonical Character Death, Crossovers & Fandom Fusions

A failed trading mission results in the Atlantis team taking home a refugee who claims to be from Earth - but is there more to his story?

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