Jul. 8th, 2009

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Here are pics from this weekend! ^___^ I had a lot of fun at the opening. Julie Woodward, the owner was lovely to meet and set up everything and was generally awesome. ^__^ and [livejournal.com profile] reader222 was a godsend and fabulous travelpartner. ^__^ Whoot!

And!! The art is fabulous!! Seriously, if y'all are in the Jacksonville, IL area from now until August 7, totally go and check it out!! ^_____^

Here's the window. The dolls are by Oddolls.net I *loved* their teeths! :D and they're huge!

Massive amount of Pics! omg. )

This is Fox. I finished him up while Betsy drove me from Rockford. I AM IN LOVE. which means I ended up taking more pics of him than of anything else. >_>; oops.

+7 )

And this is Mer! Who I also finished along the way. He and Fox are bestest buds, man. ^___^

+1 )

Also!! There are the elusive Skellieones. :D Three of them! This guy's name is Skellieone - Black. Descriptive, I know. The other two are Skellieones - Grey and Green. (I was kinda running out of time! D: I don't know what I would have done if Betsy hadn't written out a zillion tags for me! D: D:)

Skellieones - Black, Grey and Green! )

The show is up until August 7 and there'll be another Gallery Hop then that I will be attending. ^_^ (and then taking my stuff home afterward.) If anyone from around my area wants to come with me then, I'd love the company! And you get to see awesome dolls! whoot! ^___^


In car news, I called the mechanic this afternoon and he said that the new alternator he put in was toasted and he replaced that and tested it and it's all running and stuff. :/ I hope he's right as I have now spent more money on repairs than I have at the moment. :((

I'll be arranging for a ride out there this weekend when I head back to Rockford for Warren and Betsy's vow renewal and picnic. (Which is going to be Awesome!) Hopefully DoomCar will make it back to Madison in one piece. :/


Anywhoo, that's the news for the time being. ^_^ I've got other things in the wings, but this post is long enough and it's almost 4am. D: (and I've got stuff to do this morning! ergh.)

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